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Specifications and Approvals: API SN, ACEA C3

Product Description:

High-performance oil, designed for a wide range of vehicles and especially for European markets, for both petrol and diesel engines, equipped with or without DPF. Developed for the latest but also for older engines looking for extra cleaning performance and engine power use, it is ideal for a wide range of engines, including turbo-charged diesels. The combination of ENEOS original W BASE and ZP Technology optimises the blend of ZP additive and minimises the sulphur content, which causes oil degradation and decomposes into sulphuric acid. ZP additive replaces sulphur compounds by oxygen therefore extending the additive performance and suppressing the formation of sulphuric acid. SUSTINA guarantees high protection from sludge and fuel-saving performance for a long time.

Category: Fully Synthetic
Sub Category: Passenger Car Oils
Packages: 1L, 4L