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Specifications and Approvals: HLP DIN 51524 part 2 (HLP), Vickers I-286-S and M-2950-S, FZG A/8.3/90>12, AFNOR NF E 48603 (HM), Cincinnati Milacron P68/P69/P70), ISO class L-HM (according to ISO 6743/4), VDMA 24318, Thyssen TH-N-256132, US Steel 126/127

Product Description:

Anti-wear hydraulic oils and circulating bearing oils HLP are especially developed for application in bearing lubrication and several hydraulic systems. They reduce pumping wear to a minimum and therefore ensure an extra-long equipment life. Furthermore, these oils are very suitable for the lubrication of vacuum pumps, textile machines and, as circulating oils, where they will provide excellent lubrication for bearings and gears.

Category: Hydraulic Oils
Packages: 20L, 60L, 200L, 1000L