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Specifications and Approvals: ACEA C2, PSA B71 2290

Product Description:

ENEOS HYPER-S 5W-30 is the high performance fully-synthetic motor oil produced from high quality base oils and top performance additives designed especially for gasoline & diesel engines in passenger cars & light commercial vehicles equipped with the latest exhaust emission control systems, and with or without catalytic converter, for turbo charged and direct injection systems. This oil guarantees excellent fuel efficiency and superb wear & sludge control performance. Offers stable lubrication and high thermal stability in a broad temperature range. This mid-SAPS oil technology provides excellent engine cleanliness resulting in increased engine performance & protection even under extreme driving conditions and high temperatures. Designed for modern engine technologies from Toyota, Honda and other Japanese, as well as Korean, European and American OEMs requiring ACEA C2 standard oils.

Category: Passenger Car Oils
Packages: 1L, 4L, 20L, 60L, 208L, 1000IBC