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Specifications and Approvals: API CI-4, ACEA E7, Mercedes Benz MB228.3, MAN M3275-1, Volvo VDS-3, MTU Type 2, Renault Trucks RLD-2, Mack EO-N

Product Description:

ENEOS GRAND 10W-40 is a multi-functional Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil with exclusive formulation developed to offer all-around effective protection for the modern as well as older engines, serving as ideal mixed-fleet oil for European, American and Japanese diesel & gasoline engines. It provides excellent protection against deposits in pipes and turbo engine, and improved protection against camshaft wear. Enhanced with synthetic technology base oils, resulting in energy saving – fuel economy performance. Prepared with special additive packages with a view to keep the engine performance at maximum for longer periods of time, it is a long life, enhanced performance diesel engine oil that enables vehicles to cover longer distances and reduces the oil cost thanks to its long oil replacement interval. Engineered to maintain its performance under the most challenging road and climate conditions.

Category: Synthetic
Sub Category: Commercial Vehicle Oils
Packages: 20L Pail, 208L Drum + 1000L IBC