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Especificaciones y Homologaciones: AW-1, GM Dexron II/II E/III/III G, ATF3317, Ford Mercon/Mercon V, ATF F-1, ATF M-III, ATF SP-II M/III, ATF D-II/ D-III, Toyota ATF T/T-II/T-III/T-IV/WS, Nissan Matic Fluid C/D/J/S, Honda ATF/ATF-Z1/ATF DW-1, Mitsubishi ATF SPII/SPII M/SPIII, ATF II/ATF AW, ATF SK, ATF-J2, ATF-PA, ATF-J3, Mazda ATF M-III/M-V, ATF JWS3317, ATF F-1, ATF FZ, ATF 3324, Subaru ECVT Fluid S/Subaru ATF, Opel Original ATF 09117946, Suzuki ATF 5D06/2384K/3314/3317

Descripción del producto:

Advanced fully-synthetic technology meets the highest specification standards in this premium transmission fluid, formulated for a wide range of ATs. This top-tier “Made in Japan” product achieves excellent fuel economy and provides high resistance to mechanical shear and fatigue, ensuring outstanding driving comfort. It also reduces drag resistance in the clutch and energy loss due to oil churning in the torque converter, without compromising fatigue prevention or anti-wear performance. Designed for the low-viscosity ATs of Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Volkswagen, GM and Ford. Also suitable for Aisin Warner AW-1 transmissions.

Categoría: Aceite Para Transmisiones Y Engranajes
Formatos: 1L, 4L