ENEOS Corporation

Technology for performance and the environment

ENEOS Corporation is a fully-integrated oil company, number 1 in Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, ENEOS provides petroleum products and services and energy solutions throughout the world. Being a long-time supplier of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) included leading Japanese automakers, ENEOS produces highly technical and specialised fully-synthetic and synthetic lubricants and transmission fluids under the ENEOS brand.

Furthermore, ENEOS develops high-performance motor oils for motorsports, in order to provide a “secret advantage” to drivers and riders. For this reason the ENEOS brand is a long-standing official sponsor of numerous racing teams, notably Yamaha Factory Racing Team in MotoGP.

Well aware of playing a key role in environmental issues, ENEOS is committed to an important mission: contributing to the development of a sustainable economy and society through innovation in the sectors of energy, resources and materials. This is why ENEOS cutting-edge technology products are designed to protect the environment throughout the entire car’s life cycle, by lowering carbon emissions, improving fuel economy and reducing wear on critical components.

We develop high-performance motor oils, in order to provide a “secret advantage” to drivers and riders.