Advanced japanese technology lubricants

ENEOS is the World-renowned premium brand name for the products manufactured by Japan’s largest oil company: ENEOS Corporation. The ENEOS brand represents the corporate philosophy and identity of ENEOS.

Supplying special products to all major global automotive manufacturers, factory fill oils and genuine oils, ENEOS reveals an impressive depth of quality that is reflected throughout the whole ENEOS range. Thanks to joint research and engineering with Japanese automakers, the ENEOS in-house research (R&D) team develops outstanding lubricants with advanced additive and base oil technology. This unique approach makes the ENEOS-branded products one of the highest quality lubricants available on the global market nowadays.

ENEOS Motor Oil provides excellent power and performance with superior fuel economy for a wide range of applications, including passenger cars, high-performance cars, motorbikes and heavy duty trucks and construction machinery. At the same time, its advanced technology guarantees long-lasting protection for all types of engines in all operating conditions, even the most severe.

The ENEOS range varies from lubricants for optimal performance protection under the most extreme temperature variations, for example in performance engines, to environmentally friendly engine oils that provide superior fuel economy and protect the environment, designed for hybrid vehicles, to ancillary products such as transmission fluids, brake & clutch fluids, coolants & antifreeze. All of them have been designed to exceed the highest standards of the automotive industry.

The ENEOS brand name was created by combining “ENERGY” and “NEOS,” the Greek word for “new”.